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At 04:11 PM 01/06/1995 TZ, GC21: French Bank G wrote:
>and when you are using the compuserve internet dialer, how are you
>doing to get your IP adress ??
>Jean Marc

That one is a very interesting question. Let me try to answer it...

First, I am assuming you are using the Standard Compuserve dialer WINCIM
Ver. 1.4 (or better if any). The Internet dialer is a complete program by
itself and it will normally not require any Winsock module for accesing
COMPUSERVE to a direct COMPUSERVE dialup scheme. However, if you are
planning to access Compuserve through your prefered Server, it is a good
idea to use the standard SLIP or PPP connection available at that site for
taking advantage of the many features available through these protocols,
such as the ability to have several channels (sockets), open at the same
time with different applications, for instance.

So, if you install your Winsock software, you want each application
being able to "access" anyone of the 256 possible sockets available through
the SLIP protocol. This is normally performed automatically and transparent
to the user when you open any application, such as NETSCAPE, WINWEB, WS-FTP,
etc. Other applications will get one of this sockets **ONLY** when they need
it, even though the application remains open. EUDORA is a good example of
this kind of applications.

But, what does all this have to do with my COMPUSERVE dialer?.
Nothing.... yet...

In order to be able to use this dialer with SLIP or PPP through your
Trumpet Winsock software, you need to "adapt it" in such a way that it will
"call" any of these sockets when the application (dialer) is open. An easy
way of doing it is by using the excellent $15.95 Performance Designs'
Shareware program "COMT". (No, I do not sell it!). Comt will "intercept" all
the calls to one of your COM ports (Assigned at Setup time in the COMPUSERVE
dialer), and in turn, create calls to a Winsock socket, which in turn, will
be transported nicely among all your other applications through the dialup
line to your server, and from there to Compuserve, etc. Actually, you can
use COMT with ANY program that uses any COM port available to access a Hayes
compatible Modem. These programs include: Dialers, Communication programs,
such as TERMINAL (The one that comes with Windows), Comitw, etc.

If you are not familiar with COMT, then you will love it: This
software converts "AT" style commands to IP style calls. For instance: If
you want to access any server (say COMPUSERVE's or any other) at, let's say,(SPIN.COM.MX) you will have to setup your Dialer to dial: ATDT
200012165019 or ATDT Pretty intuitive, huh?

O.k. Now that you made it until this point, everything remains
Standard SLIP or PPP communications to the Server. This means, that your
COMPUSERVE Dialer (And any other INTERNET application) will be "packaged"
together in only one IP address. As mentioned before, this IP address
changes on each session, but it can be monitored easily, just by looking at
the "IP address" window in Winsock's Setup screen.

Finally, you need to setup your COMPUSERVE dialer in the following way:
PORT NUMBER: Choose an unused port (No hardware attached. Same as COMT)
NETWORK: INTERNET (Why use anything else?...)

The rest should remain as always...

I hope this helps. Let me know of any further problems with more
specific information!.

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>Date: Thursday, June 01, 1995 2:58PM
>At 08:17 AM 01/06/1995 -0600, Harold Smith wrote:
>> =20
>>I am running Trumpet Winsock. I know I'm assigned a new address each time=
> I
>>log in to my carrier. Does anyone know how I can determine what my newly
>>assigned IP address is using Trumpet Winsock?
>>Thanks in advance.
> If you are using a SLIP connection, it is very common you have a
>different IP address each time you log in. To get this IP address do the
> While you are Logged in, open your winsock configure screen and
>watch the little window that says "IP address". This one will contain ALWAYS
>a different address assigned by your local server. Note that you have two IP
>address here: One is your server's IP, which should remain constant for
>different sessions, and the other is YOUR IP address, not always the same.
> Some UNIX servers will display your IP address after the log in
>process and immediately before sending the SLIP protocol.
> I hope this helps.
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