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Peter Bates (pdbates@gwent.ac.uk)
Sat, 3 Jun 1995 00:25:18 +0100 (BST)


(visions,echoes,soundings from)

Thursday June 8th 1995


11:00 - 11:20am GMT

On the date above, we intend to create our own
vision of Utopia and broadcast of our wonderful
existence to the world via the Internet and other
forms as part of an ongoing campaign of making
the world a happier and more together place
through the use of telecommunication tools.

The 'Global Village' once envisaged by
McLuhan may never have materialised into
a perfect Utopian dream (it's in the pipes)
but through the use of various communication
tools now at our disposal, we can make the world
a smaller place to be in and keep loneliness from bay.

Not so much a global village as
a global 'corner-shop' but without
the commercial chicanery (heaven forbid).

If you have access to CU-SeeMe, we hope
to broadcast on the Cornell site at that
time on the Thursday... if there is a more
suitable site then please tell us...

(Or alternatively we will broadcast details
of where we will be transmitting instead)...

We will hopefully be IRC-ing on channel #utopia
or visit our Utopian-Park by telnetting to...

sun1.gwent.ac.uk 7777

Alternatively send us your views, visions,
images and sounds of Utopia... through
communication, the tapestry of life becomes richer.

The whole nature of our Utopia lies in the collecting
and collating of signals to preserve them always.

Communicate with us>>>

IRC: #utopia

CU-SeeMe: (Cornell University - provisional)

Telnet: ImmaterialParkMOO: sun1.gwent.ac.uk 7777

Telephone: +44 (0)1633 432038 / (01633) 432038 UK

Email: pdbates@gwent.ac.uk

WWW: http://ocean.nsad.gwent.ac.uk/utopia/

Send your images, sounds or ideas connected
to your vision of Utopia to:

ftp: ftp.gwent.ac.uk pub/utopia (GIFs,JPEGs,text,anything)

email: pdbates@gwent.ac.uk (UUEncoded pictures, MIME, text)

fax: +44 (0)1633 432039

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