Re: Audio PC version -- when?

emile anderson (
Fri, 2 Jun 1995 19:24:35 -0700

I am a Naval Officer and high school credentialled Math teacher. The
engineers have done a remarkable job and will soon make audio duplex avail
for PC. Patience.

Regards, Emile

mAt 07:48 AM 6/2/95 -0700, Gordon F. Ross wrote:
>Since there are millions more users of PCs than of Macs, I was wondering
>why it's taking so long for an audio version of CUSeeMe for Windows to be
>produced, especially since the Sound Blaster audio format seems to be
>the standard for the PC and is thus in widespread use. In other words,
>PCs have not, for quite some time, been limited to the tinny sounds
>of the internal PC speaker but have been able to send sounds to one's
>stereo speakers. It is thus not just the Mac that has audio capability.
>No doubt I'm immediately displaying my ignorance of how audio is
>transmitted over the Internet. :-) Yes, it is true. I am ignorant of
>that. I'm an English teacher, not a computer engineer.
>Nevertheless, I recall a CUSeeMe readme.txt file (or something like that)
>dating from the fall of 1994 which said that audio for the PC version
>should be available soon. Well, we are now approaching the summer of 1995.
>Actually, this message arises from my eagerness to *hear* and *speak to*
>the people I can now view and also from my envy of you Mac users, whose
>machines have had this capability from the early days of CUSeeMe. :-)
>In any case, forgive my impatience, you engineers and programmers who are
>working, no doubt feverishly enough, to present us PC users with the gift
>of CUSeeMe sound! I will hold my tongue.
>For now. ;-)
>All the best --
>Gordon Ross



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