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Fri, 02 Jun 95 22:25:13 EDT

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> If you are not familiar with COMT, then you will love it: This
>software converts "AT" style commands to IP style calls. For instance: If
>you want to access any server (say COMPUSERVE's or any other) at, let's say
>,(SPIN.COM.MX) you will have to setup your Dialer to dial: ATDT
>200012165019 or ATDT Pretty intuitive, huh?

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This is not really a new idea, but indeed a good one. I'm glad that it has
come out for Windows based software. Along with SIO, the top quality OS/2
comm. drivers comes Vmodem, which emulates a COM port, to use telnet
services with any existing comm. program.

Like I said, a great concept...
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