Re: Audio PC version -- when?

Carol J Qazi (
Sat, 3 Jun 1995 07:01:11 -0700 (PDT)

Gordon, thanks for saying exactly what I've been meaning to say but could
not get around to saying. As one English teacher to another, I laud your
eloquence. CU-SeeMe is indeed a gift and I doff my hat to those
programmers and engineers who have given it to us. But, please, please,
we need audio and color too to feel equal with the MACabees! Javaid
Qazi, San Jose, California.

On Fri, 2 Jun 1995, Gordon F. Ross wrote:

> Since there are millions more users of PCs than of Macs, I was wondering
> why it's taking so long for an audio version of CUSeeMe for Windows to be
> produced, especially since the Sound Blaster audio format seems to be
> the standard for the PC and is thus in widespread use. In other words,
> PCs have not, for quite some time, been limited to the tinny sounds
> of the internal PC speaker but have been able to send sounds to one's
> stereo speakers. It is thus not just the Mac that has audio capability.
> No doubt I'm immediately displaying my ignorance of how audio is
> transmitted over the Internet. :-) Yes, it is true. I am ignorant of
> that. I'm an English teacher, not a computer engineer.
> Nevertheless, I recall a CUSeeMe readme.txt file (or something like that)
> dating from the fall of 1994 which said that audio for the PC version
> should be available soon. Well, we are now approaching the summer of 1995.
> Actually, this message arises from my eagerness to *hear* and *speak to*
> the people I can now view and also from my envy of you Mac users, whose
> machines have had this capability from the early days of CUSeeMe. :-)
> In any case, forgive my impatience, you engineers and programmers who are
> working, no doubt feverishly enough, to present us PC users with the gift
> of CUSeeMe sound! I will hold my tongue.
> For now. ;-)
> All the best --
> Gordon Ross