mama mia, papa TIA
Sat, 3 Jun 1995 01:56:40 -0700

> You seem to be using CU-SeeMe on Windows. I have downloaded the beta
>5 version but one of the requirements was to set the IP address in the
>HOSTS file. However, I am using a pseudo SLIP connection (TIA) and IP
>addresses are assigned dynamically. I read the Help file and got the
>impression that IP addresses need only be set if u want to set your
>computer up as a reflector. I tried setting the IP of a public reflector
>on the command line of the CU-SeeMe icon in Windows (as suggested by the
>Help file) but it still gives a 'Gethostname () failed (11004)' error.
> Any ideas on how to solve it? :)

An associate told me his RealAudio refuses to work with the current version
of TIA.

Maybe its the same with CU-SeeMe.