IPhone & Thanks

Gordon F. Ross (gfross@netcom.com)
Sat, 3 Jun 1995 12:44:24 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks to all of you who responded, whether by e-mail or otherwise, to my
message about the lack of sound in the PC version of CU-SeeMe!

A kind subscriber to this message list informed me about IPhone, which I
have since installed and used in conjunction with CU-SeeMe to supply the
missing audio. It works, of course, only with PC CU-SeeMe users, since
it installs into Windows.

I find it excellent and have enjoyed using it even without CU-SeeMe to
chat with people from many parts of the world.

If you are interested, download an evaluation copy from
http://www.vocaltec.com and try it out. :-) The vocaltec.com site is
extremely busy, so expect a number of "trying to connect" messages before
you succeed.

You can also, as I did, however, do a Netsearch, using "IPhone" as the
key word, in order to find sites other than www.vocaltec.com from which
to download the software. :-)

All the best --