Re: Video Logic, Inc.

John Faherty (
Sat, 3 Jun 95 10:28:53 EDT

VideoLogic (no space between the "Video" and the "Logic") are no longer located
in Cambridge. They recently moved their HQ from there to San Bruno, CA.
Their new, official 800 number is 1-800-494-4938, and their address is:

1001 Bayhill Drive, Suite 310
San Bruno, Ca 94066

They can also still be reached at the old 800 number associated with their
previous Cambridge HQ location (800-578-5644), but try the new 800 number.

They have a 2 page ad on a range of their products, including the Captivator
boards, with some basic specs on each product, on pages 6 and 7 of the June '95
issue of NewMedia magazine.

I also have no connection with VideoLogic, except through the wonderful $ 99
($ 89 from Tiger Software) Captivator board they supply :-). They were out of
stock until this week on the Captivator, but now have them back in stock.

Good to hear there is yet another happy Windows CU-SeeMe camper, Captivator
board wise :-)

John Faherty

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