Re: Audio PC version -- when?

Alan Larson (
Sat, 3 Jun 95 07:33:40 PDT

> Gordon, thanks for saying exactly what I've been meaning to say but could
> not get around to saying. As one English teacher to another, I laud your
> eloquence. CU-SeeMe is indeed a gift and I doff my hat to those
> programmers and engineers who have given it to us. But, please, please,
> we need audio and color too to feel equal with the MACabees! Javaid
> Qazi, San Jose, California.

Unfortunately, this neglects a couple of things. The first thing is
that CU-SeeMe is apparently a Macintosh program. As I recall, the old
readme or FAQ files used to have a note in them that the compression
algorithm was a custom one designed to run fast on the Macintosh. This
seems to be a pretty good clue that the program was written as a Mac

The PC functions appear to be a porting of the software to the PC.

There are other software packages that exist only on the Macintosh,
or are much more functional on the Macintosh. There are software
packages that exist only on the PC.

As for the color issue, CU-SeeMe is not color on a Macintosh, either.

As for me, I am just waiting for the sources that were promised
many months ago, as I want to port CU-SeeMe to my older Mac operating
system and different frame grabber card.