Re: reflector in Moscow

Michael Sattler (
Mon, 5 Jun 1995 01:47:21 -0700

At 23:00 6/3/95, Aleksey K. Skuratov wrote:

>I am beginer in CU-SeeMe, but I am very interested in information
>concerning hardware and software for creation of the reflector for
>CU-SeeMe in Moscow. I need full specification for creation the
>reflector for CU-SeeMe.

There is reflector documentation on my web pages and more up-to-date
information at Cornell at the URL

>What channel capacity is enough for CU-SeeMe?

Borre uses a 64 kbps line into Norway, and that's quite satisifying.

>What technical characteristics of Mac are require for CU-SeeMe?

All that information is at my web site. And also information about the
Connectix Quickcam, which is probably the cheapest video camera/digitizer
at your disposal.

>I am interested also the prices on the necessary equipment.

I can only tell you US prices. I can also ship it to you. I'm sure others
on the list can suggest other ways for you to acquire it.

I would love to see a Moscow reflector. Welcome!

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