Re: your mail

Kevin Black (
Mon, 5 Jun 1995 02:16:55 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 5 Jun 1995, fantazzini wrote:

> Hi,
> I know this is a bit out of target,but i think here there are a lot of people
> found of what i need.
> I am facing a lot of problem installing an old videoblaster on my new computer.
> My comp has a PVI-486SP3 mainboard with AMD 486 DX 100Mhz processor.
> The videoblaster worked fine on my old 386.
> Now no one of the addresses seem to be suitable, and the installatiuon fails.
> Can someone tell me if there are known incompatibility between videoblaster
> and my computer?
> Any help is apprecited.
> Fabio
How much memory do you have? If its 16 meg or more, it won't work. The
original videoblaster uses one meg of address space on top of your
memory. I had lots of problems with this.