lop-sided kbps throughput

Jeffrey L. Bowman, MD (jlbowman@inetdirect.net)
Mon, 5 Jun 1995 08:37:39 -0400

Greetings to all,

I am trying to familiarize myself with CU-SEEME for Windows version 34b5.
Is there some way of saving addresses for reflector sites other than what is
supplied with the download or am I destined to re-type all others?

My research into video capture boards for the end-user has yielded INTEL's
SmartVideo PRO as the highest rated per Multimedia Magazine and PC
Magazine...but, I have noted the incompatibility issues related to that
board with CUSEEME. What should I be looking for in an end-user high
quality video capture board that can be used with CUSEEME, for video
editing, live video overlay, and is user-friendly (after the obligatiory
"tweaking" of course).

Please EMAIL or post.


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