Windows Device Interface

Bob (
Mon, 05 Jun 1995 20:13:45 +0600

For the past semester I have been researching methods of interfacing with
multimedia devices. During this time I have also been a member of this list
and have not seen much mention as to how CU-seeme interfaces with the
hardware on any of the platforms. I am more concerned with the PC side
since it has a more diverse group of hardware both for audio and video.
>From what I have seen, windows has an MCI layer that could be used (if a MCI
driver is provided by the manufacturer), the device driver itself could be
accessed, or the hardware could be accessed directly. It is obvious that
the MCI approach would be best because it would force the vendors into
providing a standard method of interfacing with MM products.
Unfortunately, the higher level must produce some loss in performance.

I would like to know, what method does CU-seeme use and how does it
accomplish getting the video frames from the capture board into its program

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