Re: 28.8 Upgrade

Michael Sattler (
Mon, 5 Jun 1995 23:22:59 -0700

>During my research I investigated a variety of dial up telephone line
>connections using both 14.4 and 28.8 SLIP and PPP connections. My research
>showed that PPP was more reliable,

I must strenuously disagree. Both SLIP and PPP are equally reliable for
transport, it depends upon the software you're choosing to make the

>and 28.8 provides passible performance,
>when used in conjunction with Talk Window. A lot also has to do with the
>quality of line that your service provider gives you access to the net
>with, and this quality usually depends on how much you want to pay.

Disagree. The quality of the line you get with a modem has nothing to do
with your provider, but with your local phone company.

Something that's been unmentioned here is that PPP takes an extra five
percent bandwidth away from you for it to be able to support multiple
protocols. SLIP only does IP. That 5% should be enough for modem users to
demand SLIP in bandwidth-intensive situations such as CU-SeeMe.

I currently use a rotating combination of (choose one from each layer):

Dialer: InterSLIP, MacSLIP, MacPPP, InterPPP II
Protocol: PPP, SLIP
Transpart: MacTCP 2.0.6, Open Transport

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