Re: List of equipment for CU-SeeMe

Gordon F. Ross (
Tue, 6 Jun 1995 04:23:35 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 5 Jun 1995, [] wrote:

> It sure would be nice if the people who sell CU-SeeMe could
> publish a list of equipment that work with their software.
> I am using Windows.
> Before I go out and buy equipment I would like to know which
> video board will work with it.

Although I have read the list of video capture cards that work with
CUSeeMe, I am beginning to share some of Ronie's apparent frustration.

My computer is identical to that used by the _PC Magazine_ Technical
Testing team, namely a Hewlett Packard Vectra XU 5/90C with a Matrox
Ultima Plus MGA PCI 2+ video board with four Mb of VRAM.

And I am stymied by the same problems as they (see the April 11, 1995
issue on video capture cards): the 32-bit RAMDAC capability of the Matrox
card reduces to a minority the number of video capture cards with
which the Matrox card is compatible. Now add to that the necessity of
CU-SeeMe compatibility (and, if possible, VidCall compatibility), and I
find myself perplexed as to what to do.

Am I simply to replace a card worth $700 or so, and with which I am highly
pleased, with a cheaper one so as to be able to install a video capture
card which, like one of the WinTV models, works, or so I have read, with
both CU-SeeMe and VidCall? Mind you, all of this is for my own personal
use, not for business or academic purposes. Therefore, my budget is
relatively limited.

Moreover, who has the time or desire to go through the list of video
capture cards that work with CU-SeeMe, one by one, and call their
manufacturers or distributers to ask whether they work with one's video
card? -- a question which, I presume, most manufacturers will be unable to
answer, unless they have tested the two cards together.

And no one certainly wants to *buy* video capture cards to test out with
one's video card!

So, I guess I will just forego "sending" video for the time being and be
content with remaining a part of the larger viewing audience. Rather
disappointing, but one can one do?

However, if any of you have any suggestions or advice, I will welcome it
heartily. :-)