Re: all Media Vision Pro Movie users

Gordon F. Ross (
Tue, 6 Jun 1995 04:54:34 -0700 (PDT)

In answer to the message below -- What we CUSeeMe users need to do is,
first, to draw up an e-mail petition with all our names, requesting video
capture card manufacturers, etc., to modify (or produce) cards that are
compatible with CUSeeMe, and, second, to send that list via e-mail to
*all* video capture card manufacturers. "United we stand..." :-)

Gordon Ross
On Tue, 6 Jun 1995, paul sentner wrote:

> Here is a reply to my request for assistance re: the negative image with
> PrMv (I have the "Studio")card:
> ================================================================
> >From: MediaVis Internet Tech Supp C <>
> >To: psentner <psentner>
> >Subject: RE: attn:Jim Patton (or whoever can help) re:ProMovStudio
> >Date: Mon, 05 Jun 95 16:25:00 PDT
> >Encoding: 166 TEXT
> >Paul,
> >I started a campaign several months ago to determine the amount of interest
> >CuSeeMe had developed, and to generate support for this application. I had
> >asked that all those interested send a brief request for support of CuSeeMe.
> >As of today, I have now received 51 requests for additional support for
> >CuSeeMe.
> >I have not given up, but, as it currently stands, this is not enough
> >responses to generate the additional support required.
> >I will forward your message to Product Support/Assurance, to emphasize the
> >need for support.
> >My apologies
> >Jim Patton
> >Media Vision Online
> >----------
> =========================================================================
> ..if you have one of these boards, or want to use one for CU-SM, post a
> request to Jim Patton, he seems to be tuned in to CU-SM, but it looks like
> he needs some numbers to get the attention of the rest of his colleagues at
> Media Vision.
> --paul--