Re[2]: cu-seeme and the Mbone

Tue, 6 Jun 1995 07:49:15 -0500

>I would be interested also if anyone can send some light my way. I have
>cu-seeme on a mac but I need to be pointed in the right direction for hardware
>and software installation.
>thx Rickie


Installation on the Mac side is much simplier than the PC side. There are
very few problems on has to worry about (such as the right video board,

ON the mac side it's as simple as having CU on your harddrive and copying
the "nicknames" file to your preferences folder within your system folder.

CU will work by itself this way. However, you will not be able to send
video without getting some type of camera unit. Connectix's Quickcam is
one of the least expenseive routes at $99. It has its own installation

To actually use CU you need to launch the program and then go to the
conference menu and selct connect and choose a site. Cornell and Nysernet
are commonly active. Some other on the list are rarely active.

If you purchase the Quickcam after you have already gone on CU by "lurking"
(observing without showing video) then you will want to edit your nicknames
so that when you connect you automatically show video.

I hope this is what you were looking for. I apologize if it sounds to
basic but on the Mac side there is little hardware or software
considerations to worry about. (That's why we love the Mac enviroment!!!)

Feel Free to contact me directly if you have any further questions I can be
of assitance with. Best of luck.

Brett C. Harvey, EDP Network Specialist, Community Education
Saint Paul Public Schools, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Brett C. Harvey, President, The Adventure Zone Paintball
Saint Paul, Minnesota


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