Re: 28.8 Upgrade

Darko Bulat, Ljubljana (
Tue, 06 Jun 1995 16:26:49 +0200


>> Something that's been unmentioned here is that PPP takes an extra five
>> percent bandwidth away from you for it to be able to support multiple
>> protocols. SLIP only does IP. That 5% should be enough for modem users to
>> demand SLIP in bandwidth-intensive situations such as CU-SeeMe.
>I'd like to see how you come to those calculations. The PPP difference
>should be something like 5 bytes per packet more than SLIP, which works
>out to little more than .5% on a 1000 byte mtu or 1.9% on a 256 byte mtu.

I'm using 296 byte MTU CSLIP and that's perfect for all purposes. Shorter
MTU is much better for slower links (which 28.8 kbps links are). I say that
much greater burden on bandwidth are addressing bytes, since on UDP they
cannot be stripped off and tokenized as with TCP.


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