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Mark Flatford (
Tue, 6 Jun 1995 09:29:38 -0400


I believe you are going about this with the totally wrong attitude.

The manufacturer of whatever video capture card that you have, did not, nor
will they ever prescribe to making equipment for one specific application.

Especially when that app is in the very beta stage that it is, and that it
is crossing platforms.

The standard on a PC and Mac are definitely not the same. So how do you
expect a hardware manufacturer to make a product that is compatible in all
walks of life.

For example, If you are a doctor, you would not have expertise in sewer

I, as much as you, would like to see more compatibility, but that is going
to have to come from the CuSeeme side of the picture. All Multimedia
products for the PC are geared towards a Multimedia Standard, if that
standard is not complied with or is simply not taken into consideration,
then the product in particular will be a failure. PM is catering to MM
people who simply want something that is a standard, that they can pop in a
diskette or CD and off they go. Consider What you have said about the Pro
Movie people. They have discontinued the Video Capture side of their
business.... Do you think for 51 people out of 250 million that they are
going to spend monies and time that in the end will profit them nothing.

I think not. Be reasonable here.... A Mac is not a PC... Nor is a PC a
Mac... The same goes for every other thing that is on this planet.

Quit whining about your misguided purchase, or whine to the correct
people... The CuSeeMe folks. Have them write their product to be cohesive
with the PMS(Pro Movie Studio) I think they will tell you the same as PM....
Call Someone else, that's not our problem.....

Mark Flatford

>In answer to the message below -- What we CUSeeMe users need to do is,
>first, to draw up an e-mail petition with all our names, requesting video
>capture card manufacturers, etc., to modify (or produce) cards that are
>compatible with CUSeeMe, and, second, to send that list via e-mail to
>*all* video capture card manufacturers. "United we stand..." :-)
>Gordon Ross
>On Tue, 6 Jun 1995, paul sentner wrote:
>> Here is a reply to my request for assistance re: the negative image with
>> PrMv (I have the "Studio")card:
>> ================================================================
>> >From: MediaVis Internet Tech Supp C <>
>> >To: psentner <psentner>
>> >Subject: RE: attn:Jim Patton (or whoever can help) re:ProMovStudio
>> >Date: Mon, 05 Jun 95 16:25:00 PDT
>> >Encoding: 166 TEXT
>> >Paul,
>> >I started a campaign several months ago to determine the amount of interest
>> >CuSeeMe had developed, and to generate support for this application. I had
>> >asked that all those interested send a brief request for support of CuSeeMe.
>> >As of today, I have now received 51 requests for additional support for
>> >CuSeeMe.
>> >I have not given up, but, as it currently stands, this is not enough
>> >responses to generate the additional support required.
>> >I will forward your message to Product Support/Assurance, to emphasize the
>> >need for support.
>> >My apologies
>> >Jim Patton
>> >Media Vision Online
>> >----------
>> =========================================================================
>> ..if you have one of these boards, or want to use one for CU-SM, post a
>> request to Jim Patton, he seems to be tuned in to CU-SM, but it looks like
>> he needs some numbers to get the attention of the rest of his colleagues at
>> Media Vision.
>> --paul--
Mark A. Flatford
US Internet

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