CU-see-me in US

Johnson, Keith (
06 Jun 95 08:44:58 -0500

What's up,
I am new to CUSM. I just read over the posting from our European friend, Luk
Van de Heyning.
I have to admit that the transcript is somewhat discouraging. Here I've
just learned about this
exciting new area of internet video, only to find out that it is causing
black-outs in Europe.
I guess my concern is more with the US internet. My question then is,
"What impact is CUSM
having on the US internet, if any" ? My general feeling is that we should
do everything we can
to make efficient internet video a reality... It's inevitable.. Can
someone let me know what we
are up against here ? Perhaps some bandwidth specifics would be helpful.

Keith Johnson
S. Tech. Consultant
Ceridian Corporation