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Hello again, did we have fun or what?

I have received several requests similar to this one from other people and I
think it is a great idea. Let me talk to Erica (First Look Pictures), John
(Serve.Net), and Glenn (POPCO) to see what we can come up with.

A little info for you, Andrew. We monitored your reflector from Seattle
after your request and noticed less than 1% data loss during the entire

Thank you again for supporting, we could not have done it without people
like you,


On Tue, 6 Jun 1995, Andrew Lih wrote:

> In message <abf9ab4501021004483f@[]>, Neal Gowen writes:
> > >yes they did.. covering the Party Doll movie "premiere" broadcast.
> > >--paul--
> Minor correction -- "Party Girl" was the name of the movie.
> > It was shown here on Oz TV news too. It was equated with watching the
> > first movie pictures early this century.
> I'm not sure it was _that_ monumental, but it was pretty significant.
> It would be great if the people from POPCO could post their experience
> with setting up the broadcast and the performance characteristics.
> The Center for New Media was a NYC reflector site. We eventually
> requested audio to be upped to Intel DVI at 32 kbps, because delta-mod
> was simply inadequate for all the intense music/voice-over segments of
> the movie. Other than that, the entire broadcast went very smoothly,
> averaging about 3-6 frames/sec.
> -Andrew
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