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Albert Foo (
Tue, 06 Jun 1995 09:35:57 -0500

I'll reply to Gordon and Mark at once: wrote:
>In answer to the message below -- What we CUSeeMe users need to do is,
>first, to draw up an e-mail petition with all our names, requesting video
>capture card manufacturers, etc., to modify (or produce) cards that are
>compatible with CUSeeMe.... (Mark Flatford) wrote:
>The manufacturer of whatever video capture card that you have, did not, nor
>will they ever prescribe to making equipment for one specific application.

Guys, please don't be misguided. It is not specific to one application,
video card manufacturers must have their cards made. If it is for the PC
platform running Windoze, IMO, every manufacturer should make sure the
drivers for their cards are programmed in ACCORDANCE to Microsoft Windows
Video specifications.
The Media Vision capture board driver screwed up on this, because they
aren't up to Microsoft VfW specs. Just ask any of the Windows developer for
CUSeeMe, you'll know. :-)

Anyway, as you may already know. There is an alternative video capture card
out there priced around $99, which does work with CUSeeMe. It is the
VideoLogic CAPTIVATOR card. The VideoLogic Captivator board may be obtained
from Tiger software: 1-800-888-4437.

As for MediaVision, I guess people are beginning to abandon their hope for a

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