Re: Memory Problems
Tue, 6 Jun 1995 11:58:28 -0400

Try to reinstall the device driver. There is a utility to scan for IRQ, base
I/O etc. Make sure that if you have a sound card that the captivator doesn't
use the same interrupt (I had this problem.) I have the latest version of the
driver if you want it (version 1.03) It cures the slow mouse problem.

>> >I installed the PC version of Cu-seeme, along with the drivers
>> >for my capture card and Microsoft Video for Windows.
>> >
>> >When I try to access Cu-seeme, I get the opening screen briefly, then
>> >I get a black screen and then "emm386 exception error #6" pops up.
>> >
>> >What can I do to get Cu-seeme to work?
>> >
>> Sounds to me like you've got an IRQ conflict. What video capture board do
>> have? Does it capture properly with video for Windows? Please respond to the
>> list so others who have a similiar setup can respond.
>I have a Captivator board from VideoLogic. How do I reset the IRQ to
>avoid the conflict?