Windows NT 3.5 and CUSeeMe - Imperfect Together?

Andrew G. Dehel (
Tue, 6 Jun 1995 12:48:32 -0400

Hi there.

After hanging out for a while reading this list, I've decided to ask
about a problem which I have yet to find a solution for.

I'm running Windows NT 3.5 and trying to get CUSeeMe to go. I dial into my
provider with a modem 14.4 connection, using PPP with a fixed IP. I don't
have a camera/video setup yet, but will probably purchase one in the near
future. For now, I cannot even get it to give me video as an observer.
Everything else I run realted to IP and Internet seems to function fine
(Eudora, FTP, Telnet, Netscape, Etc).

Whenever I try to connect to a reflector, it gives me the following...

At the bottom of the CUSeeMe window, it says

Opening connection

Connecting to ______________

Then after a minute, a dialog box appears and it says

No response from _____________

I've got a HOSTS file, with the following Info: Fermion #My PC

And I've tried adding the names of the reflectors as well, to no avail.

I've also tried just the IP addresses instead of the names, same error message.

I have tried many many reflector addresses. None of them connect. My
Conference ID is set to 0. If I type in a pretend name, I get a different
error message in a dialog box named CU-SeeMe: Hmmmm...there may be a problem:

InitOpenRequest() - gethostbyname() Error (11004)

So I think it resolves from the DNS fine.

Any clues? I'm really frustrated at this point.

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