Help on Looping! -Reply

J. Scott Branscum (
Mon, 05 Jun 1995 11:08:25 -0800

I had the same problem as you described in that when you used PPP
with CU-Seeme, and you disconnected from the reflector site, the
CU-Seeme reconnected automatically. The difference between me and
you is that I was using Trumpet Winsock 2.0b as a SLIP provider. And I
thought that an update of Trumpet would help. But I found out that I have
the most updated version already. One thing to note is that when I use
my LAN connection at work with CU-seeme under Novells Lan
Workplace for DOS 4.2, I don't seem to have this same problem.

As for your question about typing messages, I think the help info says
that unless you are broadcasting video from your CU-Seeme client, you
cannot send typed text.

Can anyone confirm these statements?