List: Video Capture Board

Tue, 06 Jun 95 19:23:00 -300


Here is a video card to add to your NOT WORKING list.

Product: miroVideo 20TD live
Confirmed by: (Daniel Vorster)
Made by: miro Computer Products, Inc.
Problems: Does not support 8-bit palettised capture format
List Price: $500 at Computer City

This card does work with VidCall, and other that CuSeeMe, I can
recommend it. I needed the analogue overlay, and it works with
70Hz/1024x768 32K colours. It manages this by having a built-in
WP32/ET400 graphics accelerator, so it replaces your current VGA card.
Comes in two versions, namely PCI and VLB.

It supports 16-bit and 32-bit RGB, so as soon as CuSeeMe supports these
modes, I suppose this card will work.

Also, in my mind (I'm a computer consultant) it seems fairly simple to
add a reverse top-bottom / left-right option to CuSeeMe, which will
apparently allow more cards to be compatible.

My view is that if a card is compatible with VfW, then all windows
software should work with it. I realise that CuSeeMe has some funky
compression etc, but I think that we should rather adapt software than
have to buy hardware thats compatible. Thats why its called software :)