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paul sentner (
Wed, 7 Jun 1995 01:06:38 -0400

Mark, seems you have missed the point, here
you wrote:
>I believe you are going about this with the totally wrong attitude.
..what attitude is that?

>The manufacturer of whatever video capture card that you have, did not, nor
>will they ever prescribe to making equipment for one specific application. one is asking Media Vision to make CU-SM hardware; the request is for
some information which MAY enable other computerists to code a patch with
respect to the PrMv use of the pallette (as I currently understand the matter).

>They have discontinued the Video Capture side of their

..before I bought the board, last Fall, I called Creative Labs (who had
acquired Media Vision) and asked them if they still supported the
ProMovieStudio board. I was connected to "Media Vision"; they were quite
friendly, and assured me they were honoring all warrenties and did support
the ProMovieStudio board..

>Do you think for 51 people out of 250 million that they are
>going to spend monies and time that in the end will profit them nothing.

.. I do not think any official action will be taken on the strength of 51
requests (but there MIGHT be more than 51 users... and/or there MIGHT be
someone there who can assist with info which others can use to solve the
problem. --thus the msg informing any PrMv users to let MV know if they want
some assistance re: CU-SM.
.. In fact some other cards from other companies have the same "negative"
Send-image problem; MAYBE the problem has a common solution..
.. by the way, if MV had 250 million customers and only 51 wanted some
assistance, I would certainly expect them to assign someone from their vast
empire to SOLVE the problem. 8=)

>I think not. Be reasonable here.... A Mac is not a PC... Nor is a PC a
>Mac... The same goes for every other thing that is on this planet.
.. ya lost me, we're talking about a PC board.

>Quit whining about your misguided purchase, or whine to the correct
>people... The CuSeeMe folks.Have them write their product to be cohesive
>with the PMS(Pro Movie Studio)
..poor choice of words, Mark; no one is "whining" about anything to anyone..
in fact the CU-SeeMe people have suggested a possible approach, dealing with
the format of the palette file and its use by PrMv (which SEEMS to be a
non-standard use)..

>I think they will tell you the same as PM....
>Call Someone else, that's not our problem.....
>Mark Flatford
> thunk wrong, CU-SeeMe asked if I knew the palette format (which query
I passed on to MV)
..the MV person I e-mailed said he was interested in CU-SM, needed more user
requests to strengthen his position, and would pass the format-query on up
the line.
..there may well be no more PrMv users around, so be it.
Still, it's a curious problem; to me it's interesting and a learning
experience to discover IF there is a software solution, and whether it might
assist others with other boards.. something to be resolved because it's
there, one never knows what will be realized in the process.

--paul-- paul sentner
pittsburgh, pennsylvania