Re: Help on Looping! -Reply

Gordon F. Ross (
Wed, 7 Jun 1995 02:50:25 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 5 Jun 1995, J. Scott Branscum wrote:

> Anthony,
> I had the same problem as you described in that when you used PPP
> with CU-Seeme, and you disconnected from the reflector site, the
> CU-Seeme reconnected automatically. The difference between me and
> you is that I was using Trumpet Winsock 2.0b as a SLIP provider. And I


> As for your question about typing messages, I think the help info says
> that unless you are broadcasting video from your CU-Seeme client, you
> cannot send typed text.
> Can anyone confirm these statements?

Yes, I, too, usually have to click on Disconnect a number of times before
CU-SeeMe actually disconnects. For some reason, it disconnects briefly
but then reconnects. At times, I have had to exit the program to get it
to disconnect. I am also using Trumpet Winsock 2.0b (in Windows 3.1).

And, yes, having no video camera, I have learned that I am unable to type
anything in the video window -- no doubt since it is not "my" video
window but that of the other party. I imagine that when both of us use
cameras, *two* video windows will appear, a local one (showing "my ugly
mug") and a remote one (showing the other person). What they type will
appear in the remote video window on my screen, and what I type will
appear in the local video window on my screen.