Re[2]: List: Video Capture Boards for Windows CU-SEEMe
Wed, 07 Jun 95 07:47:53 EST

Where is this list please? Was it posted to the news group? Is it at
one of the WWW sites? We are ordering some new PCs and would like to
be sure we get a compatible board.

Jeff Graber

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Subject: Re: List: Video Capture Boards for Windows CU-SEEMe
Author: at NOTE
Date: 6/7/95 5:59 AM

On Tue, 6 Jun 1995, Albert Foo wrote:

> Last update: May 29, 1995
> Folks, here's my latest list of video capture boards that work with
> CU-SEEMe for Windows. Thanks to those to posted and replied by emails.
> If you have tested a board that work with CU-SEEme and it's not on this
> list, please email me with your information. I'll try to periodically post
> this information.
> The List is divided in four sections:
> 1. List of Video Capture Boards that work with CU-SEEMe
> 2. List of Video Capture Boards that DOES NOT work with CU-SEEme
> 3. List of Untested Boards
> 4. List of Video Board Manufacturers contact addresses.

[rest of message deleted]

Thank you, Albert, for this list, especially for the list of video board
manufacturers' contact addresses! The work you have done here will help
me (and, I imagine, others also) immensely.

Gordon Ross