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Mark Flatford (
Wed, 7 Jun 1995 08:44:18 -0400


Are you getting MAC QT's or PC QT's and Are you Using A PC or MAC?

The PC version of QT will only read a FLATTENED QT .MOV.......



>May be I am in the NOT right way.
>I have just copy .mov files through mosaic with Load Disk Mode.
>But when I open it using QuickTime Player, it said error "not .mov file".
>My question is, is this the right way to copy files in binary mode, or only
>for ascii mode ?.
>Any ideas ?.
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>From: owner-CU-SEEME-L
>Subject: Re: Mov files
>Date: Tuesday, June 06, 1995 4:43PM
>I have an even better question... How do you concatenate .MOV files together
>to make just one single large file.... ? Just appending them together simply
>makes a very large file which only plays for a very short time.
> Glenn.
>>I had to upload .mov files from NASA, but does not work with QuickTime
>>Has anybody knows whick QuickTime player should be used ?, where I can
>>ftp-it ?.
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