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Wed, 7 Jun 1995 08:55:29 -0400


In response... I have seen a lot of talk about PMS... Approximately 9 months
of it... It is kind of like the PC CuSeeMe versions..... Everybody talks
about things that are already known and are being worked on.

Please give me some new info..... I subscribed here to keep up with the
CuSeeme developments.... NOT PMS cards..... Lately all I have seen is LOTS
of repeated questions about PMS and the CuSeeMe for Windows Audio
Version(When it's going to be ready questions). I sift through this list
day after day in hopes that new information is on the horizon..... I have
said nothing, until now, about this list... I have helped some and I was
helped when I first joined the list....

I'm here to learn.... not to read the same messages 65 times a day....

I did not intend for my message to be so harsh....I apologize to the
list.... and to everyone who was offended by my original post.

But I would like to see more INFO and less GARBAGE.....

Thank you for your time.

Mark Flatford
U.S. Internet

> seems you have missed the point, here
>you wrote:
>>I believe you are going about this with the totally wrong attitude.
>..what attitude is that?
>>The manufacturer of whatever video capture card that you have, did not, nor
>>will they ever prescribe to making equipment for one specific application.
> one is asking Media Vision to make CU-SM hardware; the request is for
>some information which MAY enable other computerists to code a patch with
>respect to the PrMv use of the pallette (as I currently understand the matter).
>>They have discontinued the Video Capture side of their
>..before I bought the board, last Fall, I called Creative Labs (who had
>acquired Media Vision) and asked them if they still supported the
>ProMovieStudio board. I was connected to "Media Vision"; they were quite
>friendly, and assured me they were honoring all warrenties and did support
>the ProMovieStudio board..
>>Do you think for 51 people out of 250 million that they are
>>going to spend monies and time that in the end will profit them nothing.
>.. I do not think any official action will be taken on the strength of 51
>requests (but there MIGHT be more than 51 users... and/or there MIGHT be
>someone there who can assist with info which others can use to solve the
>problem. --thus the msg informing any PrMv users to let MV know if they want
>some assistance re: CU-SM.
>.. In fact some other cards from other companies have the same "negative"
>Send-image problem; MAYBE the problem has a common solution..
>.. by the way, if MV had 250 million customers and only 51 wanted some
>assistance, I would certainly expect them to assign someone from their vast
>empire to SOLVE the problem. 8=)
>>I think not. Be reasonable here.... A Mac is not a PC... Nor is a PC a
>>Mac... The same goes for every other thing that is on this planet.
>.. ya lost me, we're talking about a PC board.
>>Quit whining about your misguided purchase, or whine to the correct
>>people... The CuSeeMe folks.Have them write their product to be cohesive
>>with the PMS(Pro Movie Studio)
>..poor choice of words, Mark; no one is "whining" about anything to anyone..
>in fact the CU-SeeMe people have suggested a possible approach, dealing with
>the format of the palette file and its use by PrMv (which SEEMS to be a
>non-standard use)..
>>I think they will tell you the same as PM....
>>Call Someone else, that's not our problem.....
>>Mark Flatford
> thunk wrong, CU-SeeMe asked if I knew the palette format (which query
>I passed on to MV)
>..the MV person I e-mailed said he was interested in CU-SM, needed more user
>requests to strengthen his position, and would pass the format-query on up
>the line.
>..there may well be no more PrMv users around, so be it.
>Still, it's a curious problem; to me it's interesting and a learning
>experience to discover IF there is a software solution, and whether it might
>assist others with other boards.. something to be resolved because it's
>there, one never knows what will be realized in the process.
>--paul-- paul sentner
> pittsburgh, pennsylvania
Mark A. Flatford
US Internet

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