Go CU-SeeMe GO! Thanks you

John D. Lauer (johnlaue@umich.edu)
Wed, 7 Jun 1995 15:01:35 -0400

Thank you everyone for your feedback. It appears that over sixty people
have already downloaded the launch utility and have it working successfully.
A few people have had problems though.

The biggest issue is with COMMDLG.DLL that I included in the zip file. If
you have a newer version, or any version at all, don't use mine. My program
does require that .dll but I think most people already have it on their system.

Go CU-SeeMe GO! does not work with the alpha version W0.65a1. I do not have
a copy of this so I can't adapt the program to use it. If anyone wants to
send it to me you can send an email back with an FTP site or as an
attachment. I tried this earlier today but the .zip got messed up. Or you
can drop it in /incoming directory after FTP'ing in anonymously.

John Lauer
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