Re: Anybody got "Go CU-SeeMe Go!" working

Bill Fleming (
Wed, 07 Jun 1995 12:42:02 -0700

Yes, I got it to working on the first try. It's a pretty good program. You
need a few more links tho.

At 10:00 AM 6/7/95 -0400, John D. Lauer wrote:
>I am interested if anybody at all has "Go CU-SeeMe Go!" working yet. I sent
>out a message yesterday evening announcing it was available. The only
>feedback I've gotten is from people who can't get it to work. If nobody can
>get it to work then there's something seriously wrong. I've gotten it to
>work on all my test machines without a hitch. So I wonder if its my problem
>or certain user's problems.
>John Lauer