0.65a4 initial experiences

Harry J. Saal (HSaal@svi.org)
Wed, 7 Jun 95 15:19:26 PDT

Here are my initial experiences in using 0.65a4. My first tests are
with a machine that doesn't have a video camera, e.g. I wish to use it
in "receive only" mode.

Starting up this version gave me a series of error messages:
Capture driver not installed properly - yup, that makes sense.
Invalid handle - ugh!
Invalid handle - ugh!
Sorry, wave input device already in use - bogus, I think. I have
a wave input device - with a mike no less - but it is not
busy with other programs. Maybe this is an artifact of the
previous messages/errors.

I then connected to NASA Select TV. Cool! I even receive decent audio.
But the audio doesn't start for at least 30 seconds or more. Is this a
normal feature? Why would it take so long to "lock in"?

Misc: 1. if I click on the maximize button of the video windows it
does something weird and puts the image up at the LH corner but
2. if I click on the "information" icon under a video window, it
seems to give the IP address, name, etc. of the site, but it
the text is stretched out to the right of the actual window
size. This needs to be designed to work somehow.
3. If I enter an illegal site NAME which is not found by my DNS
lookup, I get back an obscure programming message about the failure
which looks more like an internal program error than a user input

Well, tonite I'll try it with a camera, and report back again.
Good work on the progress! There are lots and lots of nice fixes,
which are really appreciated. I always concentrate on the minuses, and
forget to include the pluses. Nice work.

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