Re: CUSeeMe T-Shirts

Carol J Qazi (
Wed, 7 Jun 1995 16:11:01 -0700 (PDT)

Albert, thanks for keeping track of the videocapture cards.

Here's some info you could file away: I called Connectix and asked them
about the Quickcam for the PC. The answer is that it is available and
does work with CU-SeeMe. This is a really inexpensive solution for those
of us who cannot afford the two to three hundred dollars for a
videocapture card. The Apple version is going for $85.00 at Fry's (in
San Jose, CA) so the PC version can't be very much more. I'm keeping my
fingers crossed until I see the whites of the sales guys eyes, however.
I don't know what the price is as of today. By the way, the sales lady
at Connectix seemed to be cognizant of the need to make the camera
compatible with CU-SeeMe, as are the folks at White Pine. Javaid Qazi,
San Jose, Ca.