Re: Digital Phones

Ian C. Simmins (
Thu, 8 Jun 1995 09:46:04 +0000

>Date: Wed, 7 Jun 1995 09:46:44 +0100
>From: "P.J.Harley" <>
>Subject: Digital Phones
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>I'm part of a group that is interested in using CUCM to connect
>different site, probably by phone. I know that using an ISDN line
>will give pretty good results but may be expensive. Has anyone used
>digital portable phones with CUCM? Is it even likely that this may
>be a good way forward? What are the implications for bandwidth,

I too have thought about this possibility. At the moment in the UK the
only available GSM hardware with the relevant adaptor to a PCMCIA module is
made by Nokia. Their adaptor is only compatiable with the Nokia 2110 GSM
phone, you can get the phone from 'People's Phone' for about 200 pounds the
adaptor is about 400 pounds.

The problem is that the modem speed is only a maximum of 9600BPS which
would make CU-SeeMe pictures bearable but sound hopeless! Things are
changing so fast in this market that another suitable phone has no doubt
come on to the market while I've been writing this mail - Vodaphone
probably, as they have just launched a new digital network and the
corresponding hardware.

I would of thought that at the moment the price would be a drawback (maybe don't care :-) give it a couple of months and prices are
bound to fall, Christmas soon!


PS I'm sure our American cousins will tell us how cheap these things are
over there :-)