FAQ: How to UNSUBSCRIBE from CU-SEEME-L and other TIPS!

Albert Foo (albert@more.net)
Thu, 08 Jun 1995 15:17:20 -0500

Dear CU-SEEME subscribers:

I've been getting a lot of messages from people on how to UNSUBSCRIBE from
this list. Folks, it is very easy! No, it's not a REPLY command from your
mail program. This will cause your UNSUBSCRIBE message to be sent to
thousand of subscribers on this list.

Please send your UNSUBSCRIBE message to: listproc@cornell.edu or
LISTSERV@cornell.edu. In the body of the message (not subject line), type:

signoff CU-SEEME-L
unsubscribe CU-SEEME-L

[Do not include your signature! Remove it if you have it.]

If you still have problem, please send to: sar13@cornell.edu (list owner)

That's it!

Oh, before I forget. Here's a wonderful tip if you want cut down the number
of messages received per day from this list:

1) send your message to LISTSERV@cornell.edu
2) In the body of message type: SET CU-SEEME-L MAIL DIGEST
3) Click or Hit your SEND button, voila! From now on, you'll received
ONE piece of mail per day from this list. Ain't that nice?

And for the final note: Please save this mail for future reference!!

Thank you for listening. Now, back to our regularly scheduled CU-SEEME
broadcast... Whew! :-)

Albert Foo (albert@more.net)
Missouri Research and Education Network
University of Missouri - Columbia