TV Card and CUSeeMe
Thu, 8 Jun 95 14:54:02 MDT

I saw all the talk about video cameras and everything and thought that I
would add this:

I have a WatchIT! Pro for Windows TV Card (Let's you watch TV on you
Monitor in a window). Well, I just got CUSeeMe and for some reason this
TV card broadcasts over CUSeeMe. You can plug a VCR into it so I
imagine you can plug a Camcorder too. The reseption is kinda less
clear, but that may be worth the trouble because you are getting a
two-for-one (TV on your computer and CUSeeMe sending).

By the way, I don't know why this happens or if it is realiable to happen
for you. I don't even know where to get the card or how much it costs
because it came with the computers that we were issued.

I just wanted to let people know this, that way some more technical
people could analyize this and decide if it was a good way for people to
be able to send over CU. Hope this helps someone.