Re: comment Re: all Media Vision Pro

paul sentner (
Fri, 9 Jun 1995 01:19:31 -0400

>thanks for your reply to previous matter...
>about the following:
>In response... I have seen a lot of talk about PMS... Approximately 9 months
>of it... It is kind of like the PC CuSeeMe versions..... Everybody talks
>about things that are already known and are being worked on.
>Please give me some new info..... I subscribed here to keep up with the
>CuSeeme developments.... NOT PMS cards..... Lately all I have seen is LOTS
>of repeated questions about PMS and the CuSeeMe for Windows Audio
I too relish discovering new info here; sifting through the daily msgs....
I attribute the repetition to new subscribers coming into the list, so I
tolerate it..
It would certainly be helpful if people would be more direct/clear in
filling in the "Subject" header.

..and perhaps you know this: how often is the FAQ updated? Is there a system
to selecting the contents of FAQs (like the no. of appearances in the
Subject header), or is this a labor of love of one or more folks?

Finally, I posted the recent msgs re: the ProMovieStudio card because I
thought it was new info for those who have this card; I think I idetified
the subject in the header, so it could be skipped by those not interested in
the matter; excuse me if I did not do so.

--paul-- paul sentner
pittsburgh, pennsylvania