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>From: David Wilson <david.wilson@stonebow.otago.ac.nz>
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>I wonder if you can help, I have been using CUSM for a month now,
>without audio. I am operating a MacIIci (system7.5), via fast ethernet
>and with a Pro audio spectrum 16bit audio sampler.
>Problem is CUSM recognises the audio source (similarly with my Quickcam
>mic) but doesnot transmit the audio signal, other people tell me that I
>still have a red X thru my Mic symbol. I have tried every configeration
>to get around this but not success, any ideas, is this a short fall with
>with CUSM (talk) software plugin? It seems to work on an LCIII ok,
>becuase ithas a built in 8bit digtizer, The IIci doesnthave any mic
>input therfore you have to go thru a serial or nubus port.
>Hope you can shed some light on a frustratin problem.
>Kind regards David Wilson

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