Re: WishList

John D. Lauer (
Fri, 9 Jun 1995 12:20:56 -0400

Actually, if you use the PC version of CU-SeeMe you can do exactly what you
want with the Go CU-SeeMe Go! program I wrote. All you have to do is save a
text file with IP Address on the first line, and conference ID on the next.
Save it with a .csm extension and associate that file with GOCUSM.EXE. Or
just type "GOCUSM file.csm" as the command line. Check for more info.

At 09:49 AM 6/9/95 -0500, Dave Epperson wrote:
>To the developers:
>We're finding handy uses for CUSM & a reflector for remote monitoring
>of some test cells & equipment. Keeping the net together can be a
>chore, though, especially if we restart the reflector.
>It sure would be handy if the upcoming revs would offer the ability
>to "connect at startup" for clients, and "connect to [list] at
>startup" for reflectors.
>Thanks, and keep up the great work!