Re: unused reflectors (Re: Cu Powers That Be....)

David Watson (
Sun, 11 Jun 1995 16:00:14 +1000

In regard to under used reflectors...

A nice option (to benefit the community :-) ) is for reflector operators to
do two things...

1. On the MOTD suggest other reflectors that can be used..this will put a
message up front as to alternative options.. Please see the Australian
reflector for an example of this. It also helps with bandwidth
in some cases....

2. When the session is full have the default message provide another
address to try. This will keep those who were trying to connect to the site
"together" in their attempt to connect, it will focus them to another
site.. Some people arrange to meet say at the Cornell reflector only to
find it is full. The forwarding message would allow people an idea of where
to connect in case of over flow...

Of course call forwarding might be an interesting topic....

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