David Watson (
Sun, 11 Jun 1995 16:47:05 +1000

Still trying to figure out how to turn lurkers off...and the inconsiderates
who broadcast music to a reflector...

The lurker box in the audio window will shut down those w/o video (I think
this is right). How do you turn off audio of those connected to reflector
to whom you are not connected?

eg. I am connected to 3 windows on the Cornell reflector (of the 10
available) and I would like to speak to one in isolation.. I click on the
mic for that window and the audio goes to them, no one else. They reply. No
worries. In between the transmissions and sometimes during their reply
others on the net blast into my machine.

So even though I can send a "private" audio message and they can send a
private audio message back, it appears that I am unable to block the
unwanted net noise. Have I missed something here..?

Any suggestions? I had a bit of a test with Mark in Iowa (Hi Mark), on
this and could not come up with a solution. Originally thought the
preferences would take care of it (unsolicited streams) but it didn't

The info: 7100/av, 7.5.1 via 128 line, Cusm ver. 80b2

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