Re: Lurkers...

David Watson (
Sun, 11 Jun 1995 20:42:32 +1000

>>Still trying to figure out how to turn lurkers off...and the inconsiderates
>>who broadcast music to a reflector...
>>So even though I can send a "private" audio message and they can send a
>>private audio message back, it appears that I am unable to block the
>>unwanted net noise. Have I missed something here..?
>>Any suggestions?
>The first step is to find out who is sending the music out. You can do
>this by opening all the windows and looking at the little speaker icon on
>the bottom of each window. This icon will get darker if that person is
>sending audio. If you don't want to listen to just that person, then click
>on the speaker icon on his/her window and they will be silenced.

Ah, the obvious!

I can turn off speakers to the various windows on the reflector, but with
new people joining constantly I would spend a great deal of time just doing
maintainence. Murphy's law says that if there are 20 users, it will be the
20th one checked that has caused the problem..:-)

It would be nice to have an option to filter unsolicitated audio streams.
In the mean time your suggestion will help solve the net noise problem..

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