Re: ISDN v 28.8 with CUSM - poll

Alan Larson (
Sun, 11 Jun 95 08:36:09 PDT

> I'm contemplating a CU-See Me event from a remote location and may not be
> able to get ISDN access (short of satellite transmission!). I've heard
> folks say its reasonable to do CUSM without ISDN, and I've heard the
> opposite. I'd like to hear different opinions on this (please respond to my
> e-mail vs the list so I don't create unnecessary traffic on this already
> busy list).

Sure, some send VERY SLOW, video, WITHOUT AUDIO, over dialups.

If you want ISDN via satellite, look at the url
as they sell stuff for it.

The difference between 56/64 (or 112/128) kbps and 14.4 or 28.8
is substantial, especially as soon as you realize that adequate
video will run in the 40 - 80 kbps, and minimal audio will be 16 kbps.

> Also, in videocasting at a remote location, are there good CUSM compatible
> cameras you have worked with which can go wireless for any distance (75' to
> 150' or more)?

Depends on your constraints. Since most any camera can be used with
CU-SeeMe, you could use the ones that our local NBC station uses. They
go wireless for thousands of miles, but you have to take that truck with
the really big satellite uplink dish with them.

How do you expect the signal to get back from the camera? Local video
by radio is trash, as you move around, the signal will get blocked by
people walking through the path, and it is really not usable.