Wireless Cameras

Sun, 11 Jun 1995 10:55:54 -0700

> Also, in videocasting at a remote location, are there good CUSM compatible
> cameras you have worked with which can go wireless for any distance (75' to
> 150' or more)?

NetGuide - June 1995 - Page25
I Am a Camera

At first glance, you might think Steve Mann is a bit crazy. After all, most
people don't walk around wearing the NetCam - a helmet carrying a small
television camera and antenna transmitting live images that are instantly
published on a World-Wide Web home page. Mann has a small television
transmitter strapped to his back, which sends live video feed to a series of
workstation servers that process the images and create still frames that are
displayed and updated regularly on his Web pages. Mann can see his own video
displayed on a mini-monitor within his helmet...

...To access Mann's Web site and see the world through his eyes, go to

Next thing you know Ray Ban releases the Wayfarer 7, of course CUSeeme
compatible - 1999?