Re: Lurkers...

David Watson (
Mon, 12 Jun 1995 14:57:53 +1000

Thanks for your reply..choosing a one on one conference is the best option
as you noted. The problem comes when you're trying to have a video
conference on a reflector with several people. You can isolate the one you
would like to speak with but the others, conversing among them selves, tend
to blot out what is being transmitted by the one you'd like to hear...

Some solutions were to turn everyones speaker off manually and reconnect
only those you want to hear from, another person suggested limiting windows
in preferences to exactly the number needed for the teleconference and then
controlling the Audio in each window.

Personally I would love it be a default setting in CuSeeme.. the ability to
leave "audio in" .. off unless switched on for the window. Just my

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