RE: Apple tv/video system/Quadra 630

Hulick, Chris (
12 Jun 1995 08:42:52 U

I have a similar system and posted a similar problem about 2 weeks ago.

As far as I know, the only macs that can accept the tv/video system are the 630

I have not figured out how to make this work yet, so if you find out how to
make this work, please let me know!

Anyone out there who can help?

--Chris Hulick
Media Engineer

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Hi - I have the apple tv/video system installed on my mac and can show
video from my camcorder on screen. Is it possible to transmit via cu-seeme
with this configuration. I cant find the appropriate vdig driver to make it
work. Point me to a FAQ if thats where the answer is. TIA - Peter

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