RE: CU-SeeMe prob w/Quadra 630

Hulick, Chris (
12 Jun 1995 13:47:35 U


I have the same problem and posted a note about 2 weeks ago, but nobody seems
to know how to fix this.

Apperently the problem is caused by the 630 being able to take video in only,
and not video out like the real AV machines. The 630 with the Apple TV/Video
system is different from the AV's in that respect. Maybe CUSEEME checks for the
AV component, which is only half there on the 630's or something.

I notice in MacWeek that one of the new PCI macs will come in a similar,
video-in only, configuration. I hope we can figure this out soon....

--Chris Hulick
Media Engineer

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Subject: CU-SeeMe prob w/Quadra 630
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I just got a Quadra 630AV, with the AudioVision 14 Display...system 7.1.2p.
I have tried to open CU-SeeMe (both 0.80b2 and 0.70b5), but no video
window appears. Evidently it doesn't think I have a digitizer and
camera...but I _can_ see the video when I open Apple Video Player software
(version 1.0).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.