Re: Apple tv/video system

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Mon, 12 Jun 1995 15:34:13 -0400

> (Jef)
>Subject:Re: Apple tv/video system
>>Hi - I have the apple tv/video system installed on my mac and can show
>>video from my camcorder on screen. Is it possible to transmit via cu-seeme
>>with this configuration. I cant find the appropriate vdig driver to make it
>>work. Point me to a FAQ if thats where the answer is. TIA - Peter
> Unfortunately, current versions of CU-SeeMe (.80b2)
> do not support the add-in video option of the 63x class machines...
> They use a totally different (cheaper) video digitizing subsystem than
> the AV macs, and require that we write an appropriate component to support it.
> This feature is being considered for a future release...

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